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Ultra Iridescent Fairy Glitter Mix: Shiver

Ultra Iridescent Fairy Glitter Mix: Shiver

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The ultimate starlit glitter Shiver, a captivating blend of multi-hexagonal iridescence in the most enchanting shades of blue. 

Elevate your crafts and resin projects with this mesmerising reflective glitter that mimics the twinkling night sky reflecting on a bed of fresh crisp just fallen snow. 

The multi-faceted hexagonal particles catch and refract light, creating a celestial dance of colours. Perfect for adding a touch of cosmic elegance to your creations, Shiver promises to transform your projects into sparkling masterpieces.  

Fade resistant, solvent-resistant, high heat-tolerant and made for crafting! Stick this eye-catching glitter on your nails, in your paint, sprinkle it on polymer clay, stir it into resin, use it on homemade cards, add it to tumblers and even slap it on your body (but not your face) for Glasto… the list is endless.

  • Mixed hexagons & dust
  • Approx 10g in a refillable screw top tub or refill bag. 
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