Bloom Book Club

Bloom Book Club

Welcome to our Fortnightly Bloom Book Club, where the love for literature meets the warmth of friendship!

Gather with us every two weeks via Zoom for engaging discussions, shared stories, and the joy of exploring diverse literary worlds together.

This isn't just a book club; it's a welcoming space where anyone and everyone is invited to share their passion for reading - there is no charge for this class.

Feel free to opt in or out based on your schedule, join us when you can, and know that the virtual bookshelf is always open for you. We record each session, and recordings can be requested upon request should you not be able to attend.

Whether you're an avid reader or just starting your literary journey, our book club is a place to connect, discover, and share the magic of storytelling.

Join the conversation, bring your favourite tea or coffee, and let's embark on a reading adventure that transcends time zones and welcomes book lovers from all walks of life.

Because in our book club, every story is a new chapter in the tapestry of friendship.

To join, simply connect with me on Instagram or Tiktok (links at the bottom of your screen).

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