Dried flowers: Capture a moment in time

An exclusive Flower Preservation Class, only available from Just4YouOnline.

Drying flowers is like capturing a moment in time, preserving their beauty for a lifetime. Join me in this very special beginner’s masterclass and learn how to preserve beautiful flowers ready for crafts or your next Apex Resin pour. 

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Nicola, Laura & Lou - Our Journey

Once upon a time, where the love for Apex resin harmonised with the heartbeat of a community, two small businesses found not just partners in wonderful products but kindred spirits in friendship. In the daily dance of Apex and Bloom endeavours, their paths converged, weaving a tapestry of collaboration that went beyond mere transaction.

What started as a simple exchange of crafty ideas soon blossomed into a genuine friendship. The Just4youonline girls and Lou shared not only business insights but also laughter, dreams, and the joys of their daily victories. In a world that often seemed too fast-paced, their collaboration became a testament to the beauty of slow conversations and the magic that unfolded when small businesses joined hands.

Their customers, too, became intertwined in this tapestry of camaraderie. A cup of coffee accompanied by a good resin pour became a ritual. A shared experience that created a sense of belonging. The Apex and Bloom shops became more than just places to purchase; they became anchors of community, where faces turned familiar, and Instagram Lives flowed like the steady stream of customers.

And so, in the heart of the resin community, amidst the ebb and flow of Ecommerce, a beautiful friendship flourished. One cup of coffee, one pour, and one shared smile at a time a team came together reminding us all that in the world of entrepreneurship, genuine friendships are the most valuable currencies of all.