Apex Resin

A resilient 1:1 luxury clear epoxy resin boasting durability and exceptional heat... 

Eco-Resin Pigments

Eco-resin pigments bring a sustainable and vibrant touch to your Eco-Pour &... 

Opaque Resin Pigments

Meticulously crafted, lightfast colours for epoxy resin! Introducing the Create & Bloom... 


Discover my dazzling glitters and flakes, meticulously handpicked and sometimes blended by... 

Beginners Kits

Embrace the essence of Create & Bloom at home with your very... 

Welcome to an enchanting haven of creativity!

Here at Create and Bloom crafts, you'll find a vibrant array of craft supplies infused with tons of colour and sparkle.

Not only that, Bloom crafts aims to bring joy whilst serving as a resplendent outlet for those seeking artistic solace, and a creative escape.

If a Cotswold craft workshop isn't for you, how about having a creative craft kit delivered? I aim to weave the magic of the Cotswolds into every craft kit - there's a wonderful kit waiting for you right now.

It's more than resin creations; it's a community blossoming with friendship, where the magic of shared creativity fosters bonds as enduring as your Cotswold inspiration.

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    Exclusive worldwide access to baby and teeny Apex One Coat resin - only available through my website!

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