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Ultra Chameleon Colour Shift Bloom Glitter: Brave Fleck

Ultra Chameleon Colour Shift Bloom Glitter: Brave Fleck

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Step into a world where every sparkle tells a story, where enchantment dances on the edges of imagination. Behold, my new fleck-shaped glitter, a testament to the magic that resides in the tiniest of details.

This mesmerizing colour-shifting glitter is a sister to my Brave Hex Glitter, the sparkle that evokes visions of mermaids and the enchanting depths of the ocean. With hues transitioning from serene blues to ethereal lilacs and vibrant greens, 

Fade-resistant, solvent-resistant, and capable of withstanding moderate heat, this glitter is tailor-made for crafting adventures!

Whether you're adorning your nails, enhancing your paintings, sprinkling it onto polymer clay, stirring it into resin creations, embellishing homemade cards, decorating tumblers, or adding a touch of magic to your festival attire (though it's not recommended for facial use), the possibilities are endless with this versatile glitter at your fingertips.

  • Mixed Fleck shards
  • Approx 15g in a refillable screw top tub or refill bag. 
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