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Simply Shimmering Mixed Media Mica Powder: Bit Batty Grey!

Simply Shimmering Mixed Media Mica Powder: Bit Batty Grey!

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Step into the mysterious realm of Create and Bloom's Bit Batty Mica Powder, where the deep colour variations, subtle depth, and intriguing essence capture the enigmatic allure of a dark grey nearly black sky. 

Embrace the darkness of Bit Batty and infuse your projects with a hint of mysterious sophistication and spooky intrigue.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Colour: A stunning blend of Steely grey hues.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for resin art, mould work, polymer clay, and pouring arts.
  • High-Quality: Finely milled for a smooth, consistent application.
  • Inspirational: Brings a touch of glamour and boldness to your designs.
  • Light Fast: Excellent light fastness, even when exposed to intense UV light.
  • Heat Tolerant: Heat tolerant up to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Cosmetic Grade: Why not add some shimmer and sparkle to your nails?!

Usage Tips:

  • For resin pours, add 1% for a transparent effect or up to 5% for a more opaque effect. Suitable for Epoxy, Polyesters, and polyurethane resins!

Top Tip: Create and Bloom mica powder pigments can be blended together to make unique colour choices, ideal for creating marbling and metallic effect castings.

Create and Bloom mica powders adhere to the standards set by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), ensuring the highest quality, safety, and reliability for all your creative projects.

Important Information

Approx 5g (or 50g) in a plastic recyclable pot.

Bloom Mica Powder pigments are specially formulated to seamlessly integrate with all types of mediums in the craft world; such as Epoxy resin, Eco Pour, concrete casting mediums, cardmaking, paint making and more. They offer an easy and effective way to infuse intense colour and character into your crafting projects.

Bloom Mica Powders are crafted to deliver not only stunning visuals but also exceptional durability, ensuring that your coloured pour creations stand the test of time, whilst also maintaining their brilliance.

With easy-to-use pots, Bloom Mica Powders allow for precise colour control, giving you the freedom to experiment and create bespoke finishes. From subtle accents to bold statements, try adding less or more to control the intensity.

All Bloom pigments have excellent UV stability; they will not fade or alter under UV light - even if they have not been sealed with a protectant. 

Can be lightened or darkened by adding more or less.

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