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Simply Shimmering Limited Edition Mica Powder: Gun Metal Grey!

Simply Shimmering Limited Edition Mica Powder: Gun Metal Grey!

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Gunmetal Grey Mica Powder, a sophisticated shade that embodies the sleek allure of industrial metal finishes.

This deep, lustrous grey hue brings a touch of modern elegance to your artistic projects.

6g in a re-fillable pot 

Perfect for:

  • Epoxy Resin Art: Enhance your resin creations with a mesmerising blue that shimmers and shines, giving depth and dimension to your Epoxy pours.
  • Mixed Media Crafts: Add a captivating blue tint to your craft projects, whether you're working on scrapbooking, card making, acrylic masterpieces or Polymer Clay


  • High Pigment Concentration: Ensures vibrant, long-lasting colour with minimal product usage.
  • Ultra-Fine Particle Size: Provides a smooth, even application without clumping or streaking.
  • Non-Toxic and Skin Safe: Perfect for cosmetic applications
  • Versatile Usage: Mixes effortlessly with epoxy resins, acrylic paints, varnishes, and other mediums.

Important Information

Approx 5g (or 50g) in a plastic recyclable pot.

Bloom Mica Powder pigments are specially formulated to seamlessly integrate with all types of mediums in the craft world; such as Epoxy resin, Eco Pour, concrete casting mediums, cardmaking, paint making and more. They offer an easy and effective way to infuse intense colour and character into your crafting projects.

Bloom Mica Powders are crafted to deliver not only stunning visuals but also exceptional durability, ensuring that your coloured pour creations stand the test of time, whilst also maintaining their brilliance.

With easy-to-use pots, Bloom Mica Powders allow for precise colour control, giving you the freedom to experiment and create bespoke finishes. From subtle accents to bold statements, try adding less or more to control the intensity.

All Bloom pigments have excellent UV stability; they will not fade or alter under UV light - even if they have not been sealed with a protectant. 

Can be lightened or darkened by adding more or less.

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