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Resin and Pouring Craft Essentials: Starter Mixing Kit!

Resin and Pouring Craft Essentials: Starter Mixing Kit!

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The Create and Bloom Mixing Kit is perfect for beginners and crafters who are looking to get into pouring mediums such as Acryic paint pouring and Resin art. 

This kit provides all the fundamental tools you need to start your pouring art journey.

Included in the Kit:

  • 5x Small Approx 9.5cm Paper Cups: Ideal for measuring and mixing your resin with precision and ease.
  • 2x Large Approx 13cm Paper Cups: Great for larger batches, these cups allow for more extensive mixing.
  • 20x 60ml Reusable Plastic Pots: Perfect for pouring and storing small quantities of resin, ensuring you have enough for multiple projects. Gentle squeeze to limit your pour.
  • 10x 25ml Mini Reusable Plastic Pots: Ideal for mixing colours and glitters, these mini pots add versatility to your crafting.
  • 5x Large Jumbo Mixing Sticks: Sturdy and reusable, these sticks are perfect for thorough mixing, ensuring an even consistency.
  • 50x Lollipop Sticks: Versatile and re-useable with a wipe over, these sticks are excellent for mixing small amounts of resin and for detailed work.
  • 5x Cocktail Sticks: Perfect for pulling and manipulating intricate designs and fine details in your resin projects. 
  • 5x Pairs of Nitrile Gloves: Perfect for safer working with chemicals

Whether you're creating stunning resin jewellery, beautiful home decor, or unique artwork, this starter kit ensures you have the basics to begin experimenting with confidence.

The disposable paper cups can be reused multiple times once the resin has cured or paints have dried. Why not decorate the outside with more paint once you're finished with them and turn them into a unique storage features such as pen pots or brush holders in your studio? They look particularly cool with resin or acrylic paint drips down the outside too.

NB: A baby wipe is sufficient for cleaning out your plastic pots ready to use again next time. Just be sure not to wash resin pots in the sink or the dishwasher! 

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