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Pearl Resin Pigment: Tahitian Pearl!

Pearl Resin Pigment: Tahitian Pearl!

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A stunning steely black silvery grey pigment meticulously designed to embody an air of mystery and elegance.

This hue is a striking masterpiece, reflecting the deep and sophisticated tones of smokey grey. The enchanting interplay of light and shadow will elevate your resin creations to new heights, infusing them with a touch of magic and refined sophistication.

  • Tahitian Pearl = Dark Smokey Silvery Grey Pearl Resin Pigment
  • 20g glass recyclable jar
  • Lightfast & UV stable
  • Colour swatch on side and top so you can see the colour when stored

Bloom Pearl pigments in resin are special for several reasons, 

Aesthetic Appeal

  1. Luminous Finish: Pearl pigments contain mica particles coated with titanium dioxide or other minerals, which give them a pearlescent, iridescent quality. This results in a shimmering, metallic finish that catches and reflects light beautifully.
  2. Depth and Dimension: When mixed with resin, pearl pigments create a multi-dimensional effect. This adds depth to your artwork, making it appear more dynamic and visually appealing. Particularly special in resin tables and artwork pours. 
  3. Vibrant Colours: The colours of pearl pigments are rich and vibrant. They range from subtle, elegant hues to bold, striking shades, allowing for versatile design possibilities.

Ease of Use

  1. Mixing: Pearl pigments are easy to mix with resin. They disperse evenly, ensuring a consistent finish without clumping or settling at the bottom.
  2. Compatibility: They are compatible with different types of resins, including epoxy, polyester, and UV resins (tiny measures). This compatibility makes them accessible to a wide range of users.


  1. Colour Stability: As with all Bloom pigments, Pearl pigments are known for their colour stability and resistance to fading over time. This ensures that your resin creations maintain their beauty for years.
  2. Heat and Chemical Resistance: These pigments often have good resistance to heat and chemicals, making them suitable for various functional and decorative applications.

NB: For a transparent pearl finish, use less; for a more opaque finish, use more. Ensure the final mix contains no more than 8% to guarantee successful curing.

Important Information

Colour plays a huge role in the resin art world, beautiful pigments in the resin pouring world not only have a huge effect on our emotions and mood, but they also impact on our behaviours that contribute to making showstopping statement pieces of art.

As a resin teacher, I know first hand the delight to have all my resin pigments around me when working and making art; I don’t want to feel restricted with a limited palette, I want access to every colour available to me. 

I want to bring resin pigments to the table that are not only scoring 7 & 8 on the Blue Wool scale but that work harmoniously together without muddying, or compromised quality. Having worked closely with technical colour specialists I have been able to bring you new and trending colours at a fabulous price.  

They're also made right here in England by an ISO and REACH accredited company committed to doing everything they can to protect the environment. And, guess what? These new alluring bold, opaque colour rich pigments are UV tolerant, vegan friendly, and cruelty free.

My pigments all have different densities, so some pots will appear more full than others. I've hand-weighed them all though so trust me, you will receive the right amount. 

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