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Eco-Resin Pigment: Wilde Orange

Eco-Resin Pigment: Wilde Orange

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Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary as you delve into this vibrant oxide eco-resin pigment. Have you a flair for drama? Then celebrate with the unconventional. Wilde Orange is your go-to flamboyant and brilliant hue; perfect for conveying your personality. 

It's the glow and the zest you need for causing chaos in your pours. Wilde Orange eco-resin pigment represents the paradoxical blend of sophistication and audacity, It's the shade that infuses a sense of playfulness  whilst also adding a touch of warmth. 

Elevate your eco-pour creations with the latest exquisite range of water-based pigments. 

  • Please note: these pigments will not work in epoxy resin
  • 60g glass recyclable jar
  • Lightfast & UV stable
  • Colour swatch on side and top so you can see the colour when stored

Important Information

Bloom Eco pour pigments are specially formulated to seamlessly integrate with all casting powder products; such as Eco pour and Jesmonite; offering an easy and effective way to infuse intense colour and character into your eco homewares and jewellery projects.

The pigments are crafted to deliver not only stunning visuals but also exceptional durability, ensuring that your coloured eco pour makes stand the test of time, whilst also maintaining their brilliance.

With easy-to-use glass jars, eco pigments allow for precise colour control, giving you the freedom to experiment and create bespoke finishes. From subtle accents to bold statements, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Add 2-5% pigment to your final mix for a beautiful striking colour. Remember adding more pigment will jeopardise the ratio of your mix and may cause a little colour to rub off on your fingers when 'rubbed. To avoid this seal your creations after a few hours of de-moulding. 

Always allow your piece to cure thoroughly before adding additional products to the surface. 

As with all Oxide pigments, moulds and pots may stain. Bloom Eco pigments are water-based, therefore moulds can be wiped or washed gently ready to use again. 

Bloom Eco pigments are heat stable and have excellent UV stability; they will not fade or alter under UV light - even if they have not been sealed with a protectant. 

These colours will alter in intensity depending on the Eco pour product and pigment ratio used. They can be lightened or darkened by adding more or less.

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