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Planet-Friendly Bio Hot Pink Glitter Mix: Fayette

Planet-Friendly Bio Hot Pink Glitter Mix: Fayette

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Introducing the future of glamour and sparkle with my latest Bio Earth-Friendly Cosmetic grade Glitters!

Immerse yourself in the daring allure of my striking Fayette Pink Glitter. This captivating shade of pink is not for the faint of heart; it's a declaration of boldness and beauty. Watch as your creations come to life with an audacious energy that commands attention.

Unleash Your Inner Eco Diva, Leave a trail of stardust with a guilt-free conscience! Bio Sparkle glitters are ethically sourced and meticulously designed to be as gentle on the planet as they are in your radiant makes and makeup.

Feel the magic without compromising the environment, crafted with the latest technology for maximum "oooo,"

  • Mixed hexagons.
  • Daring Hot Pink
  • Approx 10g in a refillable screw top tub or refill bag. 
  • Planet-Friendly Glitter - made from 97% Plant Cellulose
  • Cosmetic grade

Important Information

Plant cellulose-based glitter is a type of glitter that is made from cellulose, a natural polymer found in the cell walls of plants. 

The production of plant cellulose-based glitter typically involves extracting cellulose from plants, such as eucalyptus or other fast-growing sources. The cellulose is then processed into a glittery material that can be used for various applications, including cosmetics, arts and crafts, and other decorative purposes.

This type of glitter is considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventional glitter, as it is biodegradable. It offers a eco-conscious option for those who want to enjoy the sparkle of glitter without the environmental drawbacks associated with traditional varieties.

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