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Colour Shifting Chameleon Pigment: Polar Light!

Colour Shifting Chameleon Pigment: Polar Light!

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Illuminate your mixed media projects with the Create and Bloom exquisite Polar Light Luxury Chameleon Shifting Pigment.

Fine as dust yet shimmering with sparkle, this pigment embodies elegance with its white base that gracefully shifts to a delicate peppermint green.

  • Effect: Chameleon Shifting - White base shifting to delicate peppermint green
  • Texture: Fine, dust-like particles with shimmering sparkle
  • Versatility: Perfect for resin art, nail art, cosmetics, and more
  • Application: Blend effortlessly into various mediums for stunning colour transitions
  • Quality: Premium grade ensuring superior luminosity and colour shift
  • Amount: 10g

Crafted for artists and crafters seeking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their projects, Polar Light transforms ordinary creations into extraordinary works of art. 

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