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Bloom Texture - Rosy Ripple Shores 200g

Bloom Texture - Rosy Ripple Shores 200g

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Multi-tonal Rosy Ripple sands are a testament to the purity of pink coastlines.

Whether you're sculpting with it in Eco Pour or Bloom Finish, painting, or creating intricate beach-themed displays, the multi-hue of this fine sand provides a blank canvas for your imagination to flourish.

Experience the seamless integration of Rosy Ripple Shores into your resin projects. Watch as the sand gracefully suspends within the resin, creating mesmerising layers of texture and depth. The result? A unique masterpiece that captures the essence of coastal tranquility in every pour.

My Rosy Ripple coloured sand is responsibly sourced and processed to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Rosy Ripple Sand size Dimensions:

Approx 1mm

200g Bag

Create and Bloom shells and textures are sourced exclusively in the UK. The shells are primarily derived from sustainable food sources and are gathered with permission from local fisheries authorities to ensure responsible and ethical practices.

By sourcing shells and textures responsibly, we help preserve these natural wonders and ensure that they can be enjoyed by future generations without compromising their sustainability.

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