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Bloom Texture - Pumice Pebbles 100g

Bloom Texture - Pumice Pebbles 100g

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Pumice is a lightweight, bubbly volcanic rock foam, formed during explosive volcanic eruptions, this unique rock features numerous gas bubbles that create a frothy, porous texture.

Bloom pumice rocks are sourced from the pristine deposits of Iceland, known for their exceptional quality and purity. With their natural texture they add visual interest to all your mixed media artworks.

Sourced from naturally occurring volcanic deposits, pumice is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

Ideal for adding texture to sculptures and models, pumice rocks are perfect for enhancing the tactile and visual appeal of your art pieces. Additionally, they can be used in home decor projects, such as topping plant pots, filling vases, and providing a rustic, visual finish to homeware scenes.


Pumice Pebbles: Approx 4mm-12mm (Also Available as a large size, Pumice Rocks).

Top Tip: Freshly sourced pumice may contain moisture. For best results, remove them from the bag and dry them on a radiator or with a heat gun before adding them to resin.

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