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Bloom Texture - Ocean Breeze 200g

Bloom Texture - Ocean Breeze 200g

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Ocean Breeze, my exquisite Blue Seascape Inspired Texture Chippings – the perfect addition to elevate Mixed Media Beach art creations. 

Why not add layers of gorgeous texture to your artistic pours? Whether you're a seasoned artist or a hobbyist, these chippings will inspire your creativity and bring the essence of the sea and beach to your projects.

The soft Spearmint colour of these chippings captures the calming hues of the ocean, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere in your art. 

These chippings are not only visually stunning but also incredibly gentle to the touch. The smooth texture enhances the overall sensory experience, making them a pleasure to handle during the creative process. Incorporate them into paintings, collages, sculptures, or any beach-themed project to bring a touch of coastal elegance.

Ocean Bliss Dimensions: Approx 3mm-20mm 

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