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Bloom Texture - Mermaid Shingle 200g

Bloom Texture - Mermaid Shingle 200g

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These premium stones blend vibrant blue, light blue, and purple hues, bringing an elegant and tranquil touch to any artistic textured endeavor.

  • Colour: Cerulean Blue, Light Blue, Purple
  • Size: Approximately 6mm-9mm
  • Usage: Perfectly sized for a variety of mixed media crafting and resin applications
  • Versatile: Ideal for creating ocean-inspired resin art, textured mixed media projects, and more
  • Quality: Premium stones ensuring consistent colour and size

Add a touch of sophistication and creativity to your projects with Mermaid Shingle Stones. Perfect for resin artists, craft enthusiasts, and DIYers looking to enhance their creations with unique textures and vibrant colours.

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