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Mirror Sparkle Shards: Twinkling Mirror Glass!

Mirror Sparkle Shards: Twinkling Mirror Glass!

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Introducing Mirror Glass Shards, the ultimate embellishment for your mixed media crafts! 

Crafted from high-quality mirror glass, each shard reflects light beautifully, creating mesmerising visual effects and enhancing the overall appeal of your resin or mixed media artwork.

Whether you're embellishing canvases, decorating sculptures, or adding accents to jewellery pieces, these shards are sure to make a striking statement.

Their versatility knows no bounds, embed them in resin, glue them onto surfaces, or even scatter them across your compositions for a sparkling finish that captivates the eye. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the endless creative possibilities that my Mirror Glass Shards offer.

  • Mixed flake size 1mm-4mm
  • Available in three colour options
  • Approx 30g in a Recyclable bag
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