Embracing the Healing Power of Art

Embracing the Healing Power of Art

Home visits, or visits to my studios above Bourton Barbers!

In times where self-care and well-being take centre stage, I'm thrilled to offer a heartfelt service dedicated to Arts and Crafts for health, happiness and wellbeing. 🎨💖

As an in-reach service, I bring the therapeutic magic of mindful crafting, making, and painting right to your doorstep. 🏡✨

For those who truly cherish moments of creative tranquillity, this is a gentle invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.

🌿 What I bring to your home:

  • Tailored arts and crafts sessions
  • Mindful therapeutic making
  • Painting for relaxation

📍 Available for home visits within a 10-mile radius of Bourton on the Water.

💖 Prices starting from £20-£30 per hour.

Let's weave the tapestry of well-being together. Reach out for a session that nurtures your soul and sparks joy through the therapeutic embrace of art. 🌷✨

For enquiries and bookings, send a message to me.
Here's to cultivating well-being, one brushstroke at a time!

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