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Ultra Iridescent Sparkle Mica Mix: Sea Glass Splendour!

Ultra Iridescent Sparkle Mica Mix: Sea Glass Splendour!

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Sea Glass Splendour is a very limited edition glitter and mica twinkle mix - this pigment sparkle was included in the recent Ocean Wearables bundle. 

Crafted to evoke the gentle sparkle of ocean treasures catching sunlight, my limited edition Sea Glass Splendour Sparkle Mica Pigment Mix is a tribute to the captivating hues found along the coastline. 

Perfect for a variety of applications, including resin pours, artistic coatings, and crafting projects, this pigment mix transforms ordinary surfaces into extraordinary expressions of oceanic elegance.

Once it's gone, it's gone, making each pot a treasure in itself. 

  • Mixed dust
  • Approx 1g in a refillable screw top tub 
  • Cosmetic Grade
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