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Ultimate Bloom Glitter Mix: Sugar Plum Fairy!

Ultimate Bloom Glitter Mix: Sugar Plum Fairy!

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Sugar Plum Fairy Fantasy Glitter, where magic meets multicoloured shimmer. Inspired by the whimsical hues of sugar plum fairies, this glitter dazzles with a delightful blend of soft pastels and vibrant tones.

Each speck of glitter sparkles with hues of gold, lilac, and soft pinks creating a mesmerising display that transforms any project into a fairy tale masterpiece.

Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your crafts, this versatile glitter is ideal for resin art, nail designs, DIY projects, and more. Its fine texture ensures smooth application and excellent adherence to various surfaces.

Elevate your creativity with Sugar Plum Fairy Fantasy Glitter and let your imagination sparkle with every brushstroke or sprinkle.

  • Mixed hexagons with sneaky other shapes thrown in
  • Approx 10g in a refillable screw top tub or refill bag. 
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