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Teany Apex Resin And Shell Trinket Dish Bundle: Neptune's Nook!

Teany Apex Resin And Shell Trinket Dish Bundle: Neptune's Nook!

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Introducing the latest Resin Bundle to grace the Bloom shelf!

This is your chance to craft an enchanting ocean-inspired trinket dishes that capture the essence of Neptune's Nook. Dive into creativity with two exquisite trinket dish options, each beckoning you to unleash your artistic prowess.  Included - Baby Apex to complete and finish one Shell offering. 

Channel your inner artist as you create a miniature resin pool within your chosen trinket dish, transforming it into a mesmerizing treasure trove. 

Enhance the charm of your resin creations by adorning them with the included tiny starfish, adding an extra layer of cuteness to your underwater treasures.

My Limited Edition Neptune nook bundle contains:

  • One Teany Apex Resin Bundle 
  • 1x of Five Starfish - some broken extras may also be included, to reduce waste
  • One Ariels Treasures Textures
  • One Tiny Tides Treasures
  • One Scallop Shell
  • One Oyster Shell
  • One Coral Canvas Glitter Sparkle Mix
  • One Waves Whispers Mica Mix 
  • One Bloom Ultimate White Puffball White Pigment

If you would like super Light coloured Trinket shells, consider a bleach bath prior to crafting. Wear gloves, wear a mask and work in a ventilated space! 

  1. Fill a pot with equal parts water and bleach. 
  2. Soak the shells in the solution. ...
  3. Once this coating is gone, you can remove the shells from the solution. ...
  4. Rinse your shells thoroughly and allow to dry completely.
  5. Rub baby oil or mineral oil on the outside of the shells to restore shine. Do not add oil to where your resin will be poured. 

Please note: The Apex Resin included is a tester, which can be used for one Trinket shell make!

      Important Information

      Top Tips for caring for your resin mould:

      Ensure your workspace is clean, well-ventilated, and free of dust. This helps prevent unwanted particles from settling into the mould and resulting in lasting damage.

      Always use a high-quality resin, suitable for your project such as Apex resin. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for mixing ratios and curing times to ensure mould life is prolonged. 

      Gently pour the resin into the mould, starting from one corner to minimize the formation of air bubbles. Tap the mould lightly to release any trapped air.

      Always demould your creations carfully to ensure you don't tear your mould 

      Do not use a eflame to pop bubbles, you may burn the mould or cause the resin to exotherm and stick to your mould

      Clean your silicone mould with mild soap and water after each use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as this will damage your mould.

      Store your moulds in an airtight container and ensure you keep them nice and flat.

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