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Professional Bloom Acrylic Paint: Titanium White

Professional Bloom Acrylic Paint: Titanium White

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Titanium White is a hue that is a testament to the reflective power of titanium, creating a white that is both intense and untainted. The paint, as it flows from the brush, lays down a pristine foundation, akin to a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with the artist's vision.

In the play of light, titanium white reveals subtle variations, casting delicate shadows and highlights. It serves as the anchor for other hues, enhancing their vibrancy and lending a sense of clarity to the overall composition. The texture is smooth, like the soft touch of a cloud against the canvas.

As an essential element in an artist's toolkit, titanium white is more than a mere absence of colour! It is the embodiment of possibilities, a starting point for creative exploration. Its purity invites the artist to paint with a blank canvas of endless potential, to illuminate their imagination with the brilliance of titanium white.

  • 30g glass recyclable jar
  • Lightfast & UV stable
  • Colour swatch on side and top so you can see the colour when stored

Important Information

Bloom Acrylic paints are water-based and made from the highest-grade pigments.

They come in a 30g refillable glass jar.

They are quick drying, and allow for fluid application, paint responds with an effortless liquidity, allowing for seamless blending and layering.

My acrylics have an excellent light fastness and permanence, a creamy buildable texture with a medium soft loading ability. With excellent adhesion, these acrylic paints are ideal for use on interior or exterior canvas, providing they are sealed correctly.

The clean-up is a breeze, requiring only water, making it not just a medium of creative expression but also a practical and accessible choice for artists.

Water-based acrylic paint is a conduit for boundless creativity! A fusion of colour, fluidity, and ease that invites artists to explore the vast realms of their imagination while embracing the seamless interplay between water and pigment.

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