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Premium Sparkling Fine Glitter Dust: Snowdrift

Premium Sparkling Fine Glitter Dust: Snowdrift

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How can we not have a snowlike glitter towards the latter end of the year? Here’s why I think we all need snowdrift in our craft stash!

Think ethereal winter resin landscapes, or a frosty river running through a snowy ravine mixed media painting. I also love this super fine glitter on polymer clay. What about snowy tree earrings, or stencil imprints on a Black slab? This glitter can be baked at 130degrees no problem.

This glitter is enough to spur your creativity, the possibilities are endless, the sparkle is stunning, the only problem is - can you resist using it all at once? The glitter is cut to a particle size of 0.04, making it an ideal product for mixing with clear mediums - this glitter will suspend well in resin too. Snowdrift can also be applied to a surface using clear glues or spray adhesive. It can also be spread or shaken over tacky paint on any of your upcycling projects. This product has a gorgeous subtle white colour with excellent reflective properties - she boasts a lustrous sparkle under lighting.

Fade resistant, solvent-resistant, high heat-tolerant and made for crafting! Stick this eye-catching glitter on your nails, in your paint, sprinkle it on polymer clay, stir it into resin, use it on homemade cards, add it to tumblers and even slap it on your body (but not your face) for Glasto… the list is endless.

  • 0.4mm hexagons
  • Approx 15g in a refillable screw top tub or refill bag. 
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