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Mixed Media Neon Popping Mica: Laser Lemon!

Mixed Media Neon Popping Mica: Laser Lemon!

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Step into the vibrant spirit of the 80s with my Laser Lemon Yellow Mica Powder, a dazzling tribute to retro charm for your mixed media crafts!

Set your creativity ablaze and infuse your projects with the dynamic essence of laser lemon yellow. This radiant mica powder adds a burst of colour that commands attention, evoking memories of the neon lights and electric energy of the iconic era.

Let your imagination soar as you integrate this 80s-inspired pigment into your mixed media crafts. Whether you're adding bold accents to your resin moulds for an Eco Pour or creating full-on neon Acrylic Art masterpieces, the possibilities are limitless with Laser Lemon Yellow Mica Powder.

  • Mixed Neon Velvet Mica Dust
  • Approx 1g sample size in a refillable screw top tub 
  • Strong Permanence
  • UV Tolerant 
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