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Silicone Mould for Resin Crafts - Flowerpot Plant Marker

Silicone Mould for Resin Crafts - Flowerpot Plant Marker

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Made from the best quality platinum-cure silicone, my Plant Marker mould is perfect for your autumn sowing. At 6mm deep this pink beauty of a silicone mould is made for epoxy resin (and my current fave for this mould is One Coat from Just4YouOnlineUK), but you can use it over and over again with polymer clay, Eco Pour and other crafty materials.

Add your own vinyl labels (I recommend the Cricut Joy) so that you know what you've planted and don't forget the date!

  • Length of finished marker: 150mm (15cm)
  • Width (at widest point) of finished marker: 46mm
  • Width of finished marker stem: 15mm
  • Depth of finished marker: 6mm
  • Each mould makes 5 markers at once
  • Try dusting the inside of the mould with mica powder or glitter first for a shimmery effect!
  • When cured, paint the flower pot design with acrylic paint and then wipe off to reveal the detail
  • The mould will last for around 15 uses with epoxy resin
  • Try not to overheat your resin or use your lighter/blowtorch on the mould as this will shorten its lifespan

I wouldn't have been able to create these babies without @ambient_paradise. Andrea is a superstar at making silicone moulds that are free from bubbles, high quality and shiny shiny. She also takes commissions to hop on over to her website now!

Important Information

Top Tips for caring for your resin mould:

Ensure your workspace is clean, well-ventilated, and free of dust. This helps prevent unwanted particles from settling into the mould and resulting in lasting damage.

Always use a high-quality resin, suitable for your project such as Apex resin. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for mixing ratios and curing times to ensure mould life is prolonged. 

Gently pour the resin into the mould, starting from one corner to minimize the formation of air bubbles. Tap the mould lightly to release any trapped air.

Always demould your creations carfully to ensure you don't tear your mould 

Do not use a eflame to pop bubbles, you may burn the mould or cause the resin to exotherm and stick to your mould

Clean your silicone mould with mild soap and water after each use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as this will damage your mould.

Store your moulds in an airtight container and ensure you keep them nice and flat.

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