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Cherry Tree Live Edge 009: Live Edge

Cherry Tree Live Edge 009: Live Edge

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Welcome to a beautiful Live Edge Cherry Timber slice, sourced from the pristine forests of reading. Each slab is meticulously curated from sustainably managed estates, ensuring not only the preservation of our environment but also the celebration of its natural beauty.

Crafted with care, this slab embodies the timeless elegance of live edge design, preserving the organic contours and raw essence of the tree it once graced. Imbued with the character-rich textures and swirling patterns unique to Cherry wood.

Seasoned and kiln-dried to perfection, this timber stands ready to be transformed into your vision of refinement. Whether destined to become a stunning side table, a captivating piece of wall art, or a canvas for resin artistry, its versatility knows no bounds.


I recommend allowing for a 10% margin of variation to accommodate the organic nature of this exquisite material.

  • Approx - 70cm x 35cm x 7cm
  • FSC Certified!  
  • Free Postage
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