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Blooming Sunshine: Sunflower Seeds, Three Varieties!

Blooming Sunshine: Sunflower Seeds, Three Varieties!

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Welcome to the Blooming Sunshine Sunflower Fiesta!

Do you want to join in the Bloom Sunflower grow along throughout Spring and Summer?

Dive into a world of vibrant blooms and sunny delights with my exclusive Sunflower Collection. I've curated a trio of sun-kissed varieties just for you: the awe-inspiring Giant Yellow, the ravishing Red Scarlett, and the charming Pot Sunflowers. It's not just a collection; it's a floral adventure waiting to unfold in your garden.

Join the green-thumb party as we sow the seeds of excitement! Mark your calendars for March 29th at 8 PM, where I'll be going live on Instagram to kickstart this sunny spectacle. Witness the magic happen as we plant the seeds and embark on a journey of growth, joy, and sunflower beauty.

But here's the twist – it's not just about us; it's about you too! Share your sunflower-growing journey on Instagram, using #Bloomsunflowerfiesta. Let's create a bloomin' community where every bud is a story and every petal tells a tale.

And guess what? Once we've sowed our seeds, the race is officially on! 

Grab your Sunflower Collection, sow the seeds of joy, and let the floral fiesta begin!

❀ Giant Yellow 5+ seeds
❀ Lou's Giant Red 5+ seeds
❀ Lou's New Addition - Sunflower pot beauties! 5+ seeds

Each pack of seeds comes with a collectible inspiration card with space for notes on the back.

Happy sowing!

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