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Bloom Texture Bundle - Beside the Fireside

Bloom Texture Bundle - Beside the Fireside

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This texture bundle is going to be hard to resist, with dreamy colours and exquisite textures; you can now transform your resin and mixed media art to a whole new level!

Let me introduce you to Beside the Fireside! Imagine yourself nestled beside a crackling fireside, surrounded by a symphony of warm colours and inviting textures that evoke a sense of cosiness and comfort. Now imagine those in your next resin pour; the amber glow of my Chesil beach chippings layered on a generous bed of adorned rustic flintstone nuggets.

This bundle allows for textured artwork that boasts hues of rich reds, golden tones, and deep earthy tiger eye browns. —a mesmerizing palette that seems to capture the very essence of warm and cosy.

Beside the Fireside includes :
  • Genuine Tiger eye crystals
  • Sunbeam Mica powder
  • Firestorm Nuggets
  • Bonfire Glitter
  • Embers Crystal Glitter
  • Inferno chippings
  • Chesil Beach Nuggets
  • Red Metallic Leaf sheets
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