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Bloom Texture Bundle - Amethyst Cave

Bloom Texture Bundle - Amethyst Cave

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This texture bundle is going to be hard to resist, with dreamy colours and exquisite textures; you can now transform your resin and mixed media art to a whole new level!

Let me introduce you to Amethyst Cave! Picture this, an otherworldly realm hidden beneath the Earth's surface, where the ordinary rules of light and shadow are rewritten by the luminescent glow of amethyst caves. As you venture into your next resin pour, feel your surroundings become charged with a mysterious energy from your Quartz crystals that whisper tales of ancient geological magic.

Create a surreal symphony of purples ranging from delicate lavender to deep, regal violet with this beautiful hand picked and packed texture bundle. Each addition is a sparkly masterpiece of gorgeousness, from your Lilac Haze mica powder to your dreamy Wisteria nuggets!

I'm thinking resin geode wall art, stalactites and stalagmites on your trinket moulds.

What ever it is you choose to make, you have plenty of mesmerising textures to choose from in this bundle.

Amethyst Cave includes :
  • Genuine Quartz crystal points & clear crystal nuggets
  • Lavender Haze Mica powder
  • Wisteria Chippings
  • Moonlight Chippings
  • Viola mirror glass nuggets
  • Amethyst kiss crystal glitter
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